Gallery for Prints - SERIGRAFFEUR

Dirschauer Straße 1, 10245 Berlin

SERIGRAFFEUR is a new gallery and shop for prints in Friedrichshain. We opened in spring 2012 and offer a large collection of prints like as posters or handcrafted books. Thanks to a really simple way of showing the whole range of artists in poster displays, and a «fully-magnetized-wall-technology», our small but charming place changes aspect almost every two weeks. We regularly organize events called «ACCROCHAGE» on Saturdays: primarily performances and concerts. Our collection has grown through these events to a large selection of prints, which started with a core of silkscreen-artists living in Berlin and now includes international artists and different printing techniques.

Atelier Studio - SHOXXXBOXXX

Lehmbruckstraße 15, 10245 Berlin

SHOXXXBOXXX is an atelier & studio for "creative ideas" by Shou aka SHOXXX (JP) in Friedrichshain, Berlin.
This space was originally a washing machine workshop and has since been renovated by amateur workers.
SHOXXXBOXXX is hosting events sporadically, like exhibitions, cinema nights, music concerts, entertainment dinner parties, art markets, etc.
SHOXXXBOXXX supports the emergence of new art by hosting a variety of small events which aim to inform as well as entertain.
(Foto rechts by Yukiko Yamane)