Finissage - Sa.24.Nov.2012

18-01Uhr @SHOXXXBOXXX 18.00Uhr : Eröffnung
18.30Uhr : Japanische lecker lecker Volksküche
19.30Uhr- : Live Musik, Performance & DJ

Musiker / Performer bei der Finissage

Mutantone 19.30Uhr : Live Musik
Experimental -

It's not MutantOne, MutanTone.

SHOXXX 20.30Uhr : Performance
Live Animation - the analog 2.5D mini theater -

SHOXXX's original funny stories with her illustrations, drawings, small figures, etc.
they unfold on a small table using various analog techniques Á tricks.
setting a camera above the table, and reflect the live mini theater on big screen by projector.

ONIONIONIONION 21.00Uhr : Performance (Sound+Visual)
Live Musik - Cassette Tape and Vocal thru lots of Effect

Onionionionion aka Cozmik Onion Express / ONIONIYXIONIOIOYXYXIONIYON / DJ ONONIIONIONIION / the Morg (Gorgon Morgan)/People Pile is a Experimental Musician / Bassist / Guitarist / DJ / Performer / Illustrator.
He lived in London in 2006 -2011 and now currently lives in Berlin.

Takosuke aka Nemesis / Wario 21.00Uhr : Performance (Sound+Visual)
Live Visual - Lo/High-Fi visuals

Kenji Ohashi 22.30Uhr : DJ
all genres -

all genres!!!
lounge - dance! dance! - chill out - and more!!