Teilnehmende Künstler @SERIGRAFFEUR

DAEYE Siebdruck - http://www.daeyeworld.info

Maki Shimizu Print Media - http://www.makishimizu.de

1981 geboren in Tokyo. Mit einem Zitat von Picasso "Kunst ist eine Lüge, die uns die Wahrheit erkennen läßt." fing sie ihre Reise in die bilden Kunst an und entschied sich, Künstlerin zu werden. In Japan studierte sie Freie Kunst mit Schwerpunkt Drucktechnik. Danach absolvierte sie ein Studium in Graphic Design an der FH Bielefeld. Seit 2006 arbeitet sie als Künstlerin und Illustratorin in Berlin.

SHOXXX Print Media - http://www.shoxxxboxxx.com

Since 2001 she has been working as graphic designer and illustrator.
In 2005 she moved to Berlin, Germany. Here she started to create her own artworks, such as puppet making, screen printing, live animation, painting, etc..
Though initially impressing a typical Japanese style, it derives its originality through cynical humor or extreme nonsense.
These installations of her work transport visitors to a SHOXXX's world, a place for the adventurous to bring their imaginations.

Teilnehmende Künstler @SHOXXXBOXXX

chuuu Malerei - http://chuuu.xxxxxxxx.jp

1999 Geaduated from Kyoto Seika University. After graduation, He worked independently by painting and designing. 2003 moved to Berlin and now he is here as an artist, video performancer, VJ, noize musician, designer, etc.
The theme of his works are nostalgia-ism and reconstitution. He use dry impasto material to make crack surface, use flat touches and intentionally unshaded image. Adding modern elements of manga style and some Experimental colors on those.

Saiko Ryusui Installation - http://www.ryusuisaiko.wordpress.com

Lebt seit 2005 in Berlin. Arbeitet an Auseinandersetzung der Materialien und deren Gesellschaftlichen Bedeutung.

Satoshi Fujiwara Mixed Media - http://satoshifujiwara.flashhp.net

Born 1984 in Hyogo, Japan. Graduated from Osaka University of Arts (Graphic design) in 2007. Worked as a graphic designer in Tokyo. He started working on contemporary art in 2011. Moved to Berlin in 2012.

Takuya Kurihara Malerei - http://www.kurihara-takuya.com

1983 Born in Saitama Japan.
2007 Moved to Berlin and got a studio for painting in Kunsthaus Tacheles.
Recently started to make sound and doing performance with the other artists.

Takuya Oshima Federzeichnung - http://www.takuyaoshima.com

All artworks are made by pen and paper, based on considering what the essence of reality is.
He draws objects, thoughts, emotions, situations, which he discovered chaos.

Yuki Mori Malerei - http://www.yukimori.me

Yuki Mori's current work is a kind of fairy tale abstract painting using mostly water colour. Her work has been exhibited in London, Sapporo, Cologne & Berlin, She also works on graphic & web design. living in Berlin since 2007.